Oslo Medical Corpus

The Oslo Medical Corpus is currently under construction at the Centre for Healthcare Education (SHE), Faculty of Medicine, University of Oslo. It is a large suite of electronic corpora of medical and medical-related texts, accompanied by an open access software interface and visualization tools to support research in the fields of healthcare and medical humanities.

OMC is designed to feature various discourses on global and public health, both mainstream and non-mainstream, allowing scholars to conduct studies on official as well as grassroots discourses.

Restricted access to the corpus will be made available to the research community at large, within the restrictions of copyright law. Specifically, researchers will be able to run different types of search on the corpora from remote sites and download the results of analysis.

The Oslo Medical Corpus is a partnership between the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare Education (SHE) and the Genealogies of Knowledge Research Network. As in the GoK project, the focus of research involving OMC is on the evolution and contestation of concepts, here in the field of healthcare specifically.